Pana Staff

Hickory Estates Pana employs a caring team of staff who devote their days and nights to ensure our residents are comfortable, safe, healthy and thriving.

Hickory Estates Pana is managed by Melissa Denton.


Meet Melissa

Melissa Denton is married with six children - “yes, I said six!” she laughs. Her oldest daughter, Taylor, lives in Montana with her husband. Next in line is Daylee , who is in nursing school at St. John's; Sway, who just signed to play basketball at Greenville University and study social work; Brayer who plays volleyball and soccer; Nash (the only boy!) who loves track and soccer; and Ayris, who loves sports and anything the older kids are involved in.

“We are a super busy family and run from one sporting event to the next!”Melissa says.

While Melissa’s home life is full, she also is fully committed to her second family, the residents of Hickory Estates Taylorville.

Melissa has been managing Hickory Estates Taylorville for three years. She has lived in Pana since she was in third grade, and she also worked in long-term care prior to Hickory Estates, developing expertise in Medicaid, Medicare and insurance.

Melissa is a self-described “people person,” and she is driven by her desire to help everyone feel comfortable at Hickory Estates - whether it’s a phone call, first visit into the building or longtime resident.

“I want everyone involved to be comfortable and to understand that it is our goal to make this transition as easy as possible,” Melissa shares. “Once you move into Hickory Estates, we take care of all the things you may need or want help with so you and your loved ones can relax and enjoy life care-free!”

Melissa Denton