About Pana

At Hickory Estates, our residents are empowered to enjoy life in a safe supportive living environment where all of their needs are met.


What is Supportive Living?

Illinois developed the Supportive living program to provide nursing home-type care for low-income older persons and persons with physical disabilities under Medicaid.

A “waiver” from The Department of Healthcare and Family Services allows payment for services not routinely covered by Medicaid. These include personal care, homemaking, laundry, medication assistance, social and health activities, recreation, and 24-hour staff to meet residents' scheduled and unscheduled needs. The resident is responsible for paying the cost of room and board at the facility.

At Hickory Estates, we provide residents with three home-cooked meals, snacks, housekeeping, management of medications, activities and special events. Read more about our amenities and view photos here.

Residents at Hickory Estates Pana can live independently in a home-like environment and take part in decision-making for their individual care.


Resident Requirements for Hickory Estates Pana

All prospective residents are interviewed by Hickory Estates management to ensure that the appropriate level of care required by the prospective resident can be provided by the facility. Hickory Estates management reserves the right to reject the admission of any individual while acting in accordance with state and federal laws.

Hickory Estates Pana may admit residents who have a score between 29 and 47 on the Determination of Need (DON) and need assistance in one or more activities of daily living.

Residents must also meet all of the following criteria prior to admission to Hickory Estates:

  • Be age 65 or older
  • Be screened by the Department on Aging and found to be in need of nursing facility level care and that placement at Hickory Estates is appropriate to meet the needs of the individual. (A new screen is not needed for a resident who is transferring between SLF’s or comes from a nursing facility with no break in service.)
  • Be without a primary or secondary diagnosis of developmental disability or serious and persistent mental illness. (Developmental disability is defined as a disability which is attributable to mental retardation or a related condition.) The developmental disability or mental illness must be determined by a qualified Department of Human Services screening agent.
  • Have income no less than the current maximum allowable amount of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for a single person. An individual sharing an apartment may qualify for Hickory Estates’ services if that individual has income equal to or greater than the individual’s share of the SSI rate for a married couple.
  • Agree to a background check by Illinois State Police, Illinois Department of Corrections and Illinois Sex Offender Registry
  • Have a tuberculin skin test in accordance with the Control of Tuberculosis Code. (The test must be completed no more than 90 days prior to the date of admission or the test must be commenced no more than seven days after admission to Hickory Estates.)

A Medicaid resident of Hickory Estates cannot participate in the Department on Aging Community Care Program or the Department of Human Service’s Home Services Program.

All private pay residents must be screened by the Department of Aging. Private pay individuals may choose to be admitted when the screening assessment does not justify nursing facility level of care.

Private pay residents seeking to convert to Medicaid while residing in Hickory Estates will be screened by the Department using the Determination of Need (DON) prior to the point of conversion and must be found to be in need of nursing facility level of care before Medicaid payment may be authorized.